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A Room Makeover to Remember

Posted on 19 September 2018
A Room Makeover to Remember

With shows like "The Block", "Selling Houses" and "60-Minute Makeover" taking over television screens it's hard not to get caught up in the whole 'makeover your home fever'. You're probably feeling inspired and wondering where to start. We suggest... your child's bedroom.  

Planning your child's bedroom can be a lot of fun and a good way to ease yourself into a home makeover. A bonus is that a fresh new space encourages your child to keep their room tidy. Winning!

Here's what you need to do...

1. Understand why it needs a makeover

What's your reason for decorating your child's room other than the fact we just told you to? Is it because they are getting older and they've outgrown their current decor? Is it because you currently have no storage and you need more? Do you need to make space for a desk for doing homework? Do you need more space for play? Figuring out the reasons behind your desire for change will help you plan the room as a whole.

2. Learn what's of value

A good way to get to know what's important to your child is to get them to give you a tour of their room. They might think you've gone mad, but trust us, it helps.  

Ask your child to give you (in as much detail) a description of their room. With a pen and paper in hand list the things they describe. Ask questions about what they point out such as "how does this make you feel?" or "what do you like about it?". Anything that they don't mention you can safely say isn't that important. Time for it to go.

3. Consider the moving target

Kids need change because they themselves change a lot. Their style changes, their needs change, their routine changes. Having a room that will accommodate this should be a key goal. Flexibility is the key to a successful kid's bedroom makeover. Choose colours that stay age-appropriate, avoid minion wallpaper even though they LOVE the movies and invest in pieces that will move forward with your child.

4. Get clearing

Now you have a game plan it's time to take everything out of the room. Make four piles, one for the important stuff, one for the not so important stuff, one for charity and one for the bin. Make sure the piles are relatively balanced or the room will be just as chaotic as it was before.  

Seeing the size of your first two piles will give you an indication as to the kind of furniture you need. The important stuff needs to be in easy reach, whereas the not so important stuff should be hidden away (but still accessible). This should mean you'll need a range of shelves and storage.

5. Get shopping

Shops like Big W are ideal for transforming your child's bedroom. Big W is committed to quality merchandise and affordable pricing and the result is a stylish new room that doesn't break the bank. For coastal chic to contemporary glam and everything in between, pay a visit to Open House. Here you'll find all the latest homeware trends and home decorations from great Australian designers like Kelly Lane - perfect for quote boards. As for the little touches like mirrors, photo frames, artificial flowers and ornaments, Truckloads has you covered.

Time to style

DIY Faux panelling

DIY faux panelling instantly adds character to your boys room, giving depth to the space. You can install the look in squares or opt for uniform vertical slats. All it takes is some basic tools, some primer and paint and this video.


A giant map makes great wallpaper for your little explorer's room. Not only does it get your child excited about the world around them but it will make geography homework easy too. If you're not loving the idea of a map, why not try adding rustic bricks or opt for a beach scene feature wall. Your little surfer would no doubt love a giant wave wall!

Pops of colour

A bold rug is a great way to add character to a room and it's not permanent. A rug allows you to keep the foundation neutral and mature the room as your child grows. The same goes for large posters. Pay a visit to Comics N Pop and pick yourself up some comic posters. There's a huge range in store and as your child's taste in comics and superheroes change, so too can the posters. Alternatively you could pick up a handful of comics and some frames from Truckloads.

Social aspect

A child's bedroom should be more than just a sleeping space. As they begin exploring their independence they want a room they can sleep, study and hang out with friends in. A daybed from Open House would be perfect for sitting and chatting with friends and can double up as a bed when friends sleepover.  

Layout is a big thing for kids, so consider how to incorporate a sleep area, a play area, and a study area. If the size of the room is an issue, get creative. 

Unique decor

Getting crafty not only provides some great and unique decor for your girl's room, it has the ability to boost self esteem too. Take your daughter along to a craft workshop at The Gift Bag Collective and learn what you can do. Talk to Rhonda about what you're trying to achieve for the space and see what she can help you with. Your daughter will love showing her new room off to friends if she's had a hand in the making of the decor!


Kids love collecting things and parents love hiding things. The more collectables on show, the more cluttered the room looks and the harder it is to keep tidy. Storage-friendly furniture - think baskets, boxes and buckets - is ideal for a boy's or girl's bedroom, giving plenty of space for all their things. You can pretty them up too with labels that match your paint colour. Check out the range of basket furniture at Open House.

Thinking of giving your kid's bedroom a makeover? Pop into Pialba Place today and start planning.

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