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Hair Care in Humid Weather

Posted on 22 January 2019
Hair Care in Humid Weather

We associate summer with relaxing afternoons by the beach and enjoying the outdoors, but summer could just as easily mean a lot of bad hair days for some of us. If you have the dreaded humidity frizz, you've probably wondered why humidity causes your hair to go haywire. We explore how humidity turns sleek into frizz and offer some great strategies to help you beat the bad hair days.

Why does your hair change when it's humid?

Human hair is highly sensitive to humidity in the air, and some hygrometers (devices that measure humidity) even use hair to get an accurate measurement of the level of humidity. So why is human hair so sensitive to humidity? It comes down to the chemical structure of our hair, which makes it extremely sensitive to the level of hydrogen in the air (a feature of humidity).

At the molecular level, the humidity leads to hydrogen bonds forming between water molecules and the keratin proteins in your hair. When a lot of bonds are formed between the proteins in your individual strands of hair, the hair folds back on itself at the molecular level at a greater rate. This leads to curls and frizz. If you have straight hair, your hair might go wavy, and people with curly hair might end up with frizzy or curlier hair. Kinking and poufing are some of the other symptoms of humidity affecting your hair.

Strategies for keeping your hair looking good when it's humid

So what can you do about a head full of "bad hair" when the weather gets humid? Try these strategies.

  • Pillowcase - Changing to a silk pillowcase could be less irritating for your hair than a cotton pillowcase.
  • Shampoo and conditioner - Avoid over-washing your hair, and use shampoo and conditioners designed for frizzy hair. Use smoothing shampoos and leave-in conditioners to manage your frizz-prone hair.
  • Cold water - In the shower, turn the water to the coldest temperature you can tolerate and run the water from roots to end to close your hair scales, boost manageability, and keep your hair shape polished.
  • Dry correctly - Avoid rubbing your hair dry after showering. Instead, squeeze out the water and blot your hair with your towel. A microfibre hair towel could help control frizz.
  • Hair-smoothing products - Use a hair-smoothing (anti-frizz) product on wet hair to keep your locks smooth even when it's super humid. Remember to apply before your hair gets too dry.
  • Flatiron - If you'll be blowing out your hair, remember to use a flat iron or straightening iron to finish up. This will also help control the frizz.
  • Oils and shea butter - If you have wavy and thick hair, try applying oils, like Jamaican black castor oil or coconut oil, and shea butter. These rich fats can tame frizz while sealing thick hair, and they create a layer of moisture to help combat humidity. You can apply an oil spray after drying for convenience. Leave-in heat-protectant products could be great alternatives to oils and butters.
  • Natural conditioners - Add moisture and beat the frizz with natural conditioners like mashed avocados and coconut oil. If you're travelling or short on time, look for anti-frizz sheets for a quick condition on the go. Use a keratin treatment for longer-term frizz control.
  • Natural-bristle hairbrush - Try using a natural-bristle hairbrush. Natural bristles are made from keratin, like human hair, and they're smoother than plastic or metal brushes.
  • Smaller sections - When you're ready to style your hair, work with smaller sections rather than thicker ones to maximise control.
  • Frizz-friendly styles - Use hair accessories like headbands and clips to lock your hair down and avoid flyaway strands on humid days. Braids, ponytails, buns, and twists shape your hair and help keep it under control. You can alternatively opt for wet-look or slicked-back hairstyles to avoid the frizz, but don't forget to use gel, serums, glosses, and holding sprays to hold the style in place. Look for humidity-resistant hairsprays and serums for extra protection against the damp.
  • Focus on managing - Keep in mind if your hair is prone to extreme frizz, it might be better to concentrate on managing it rather than eliminating it. For example, if you have tight curls or wavy texture, choose a relaxed look like a braided style or neck-bearing topknot to keep your hair contained.
  • Embrace the frizz - Frizz or extra curly hair doesn't necessarily mean bad hair to some people, and you might welcome the extra body. So one alternative is to embrace the frizz and play it up instead of trying to control it. Style curls and finish with an oil spray or play up tousled tresses with some spray.

Manage the frizz

Humid weather can wreak havoc on your hair, so it's good to keep a few strategies at hand to control frizz and curls. Using the right pillowcase can minimise frizz, and the right shampoo, conditioner, and oils could protect your hair from the impacts of humidity. As long as you treat your hair with respect and choose frizz-friendly styles, you can skip the bad hair days and keep unwanted humidity frizz under control.

For any products, you may need for your hair care, pop into Pialba Place. Check out our store directory to find what you're after!

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School Holiday Guide

Posted on 7 January 2019
School Holiday Guide

If you are planning a family holiday on the Fraser Coast, there are heaps of great things to see and do for all age groups. And the Pialba/Hervey Bay region, in particular, has a ton of school holiday fun, with plenty of attractions and activities at any time of the year.

Autumn School Holidays (March - April)

Autumn on the Fraser Coast is a great time for a family visit, with good weather, fewer crowds and plenty to see and do. Attractions include:

  • The Esplanade - this is a highly popular coastal path with walkers, joggers, skaters and riders that meanders 16 kilometres from Urangan Boat Harbour all the way to Point Vernon. Along the way, it takes in parks, playgrounds and piers and an array of beautiful beaches including Urangan, Shelly Beach, Torquay, Scarness, Pialba, Hervey Bay and Point Vernon.
  • Fraser Coast Wildlife Sanctuary - pat a kangaroo, talk to a corella, laugh with a kookaburra, hold a diamond python or kiss a camel; just some of the great wildlife encounters for kids at this not-for-profit wildlife sanctuary in Maryborough. Fraser Coast Wildlife Sanctuary also has a canteen and bbq facilities, so you can enjoy a relaxing picnic and a great family day out.
  • Arkarra Lagoons - meaning "place of many ducks" in the local Aboriginal dialect, this is a cool place to relax with the family and get in touch with nature. The lagoons are home to more than 170 species of wildlife from wallabies and goannas to turtles and eels and it's just an easy ten minute drive from Pialba.
  • Hervey Bay Go Kart Track - this is a 650 metre long fully sealed race track in Pialba where kids of all ages can get in touch with their inner racing car driver. It has an observation deck for parents who'd rather watch than participate, tandem karts so you can teach the little ones to drive and refreshments are available onsite.
  • Hervey Bay Scenic Flights - for the ultimate way to see the beautiful Fraser Coast, why not treat the whole family to a 10-minute scenic flight. You'll have some memorable photo opportunities as you fly over Hervey Bay, the Great Sandy Straights, the Mary River and the stunning coastline of Fraser Island.

For more ideas and inspiration, check out our Guide to Autumn School Holidays in Hervey Bay.

Winter School Holidays (June - July)

With its mild, subtropical climate, the Pialba/Hervey Bay region is a top winter school holiday destination. And if the weather happens to get a little cool for swimming some days, there are plenty of land-based attractions to enjoy including:

  • Reefworld Aquarium - situated on the Urangan foreshore, this natural aquarium is home to a wide variety of marine life including sharks, green sea turtles, tropical fish, large reef fish, crabs and tube worms. It has daily shark feeding session, a turtle touch pond and an onsite Waterfront Restaurant that's open for breakfast and lunch.
  • Nikenbah Markets - held on the first and third Sundays of the month at the Hervey Bay Animal Shelter, this is a fun family market that raises much-needed funds for the animal shelter. Here you'll find everything from arts and crafts and fresh local produce to trash and treasure and lots of great street food, all in a relaxed, pet-friendly atmosphere. 
  • Winter fishing - there are plenty of good catches to be had here in winter including mud crabs, prawns, squid and a variety of river, estuarine and reef fish. Favourite kid-friendly winter fishing spots include Urangan Pier, Toogoom Beach, Kingfisher Jetty and Great Sandy Strait, where you can catch garfish, pike, whiting, flathead, bream, trevally and even the odd bluefin tuna.
  • Jump Park - this is Hervey Bay's highly popular indoor trampolining centre, where you can enjoy a good bounce with the family in a variety of different jump zones, separated according to age, skill level and preference. These include Free Jump, Dodgeball, Airbag, Pro Zone and Inflatables, where parents are encouraged to take off their shoes and join in.
  • Game Lab Cyber Cafe - located at Pialba Place shopping centre, this is a gamer's paradise where the kids can spend hours playing the latest PC games and virtual reality stations while you enjoy some well-earned retail therapy in Pialba Place.

For more ideas and inspiration, check out our Guide to Winter School Holidays in Hervey Bay.

Spring School Holidays (September - October)

The spring school holiday season in Pialba is the best time of year, with clear skies and mild temperatures, making it perfect weather for anything and everything fun. Top spring school holiday attractions include:

  • Whale watching - this is an absolute must-do in springtime and Hervey Bay is the ultimate playground for the majestic humpback whale. They love the calm, protected waters and migrate here every year to have their calves. Take a whale watching excursion with one of the many tour operators in the region and get up close to these amazing creatures as they put on a display that you and your kids will remember forever.
  • Fraser Island Jet Ski Tours - choose from three different guided tours departing from Hervey Bay and explore the beautiful beaches and forest-clad coastline of Fraser Island on a guided Jet Ski tour. This is a breathtaking family excursion with a choice to ride solo or double up with the kids.
  • Fraser Island - why not take a longer excursion to Fraser Island and see beautiful Lake McKenzie (one of the seven wonders of the world), Lake Birrabeen, Eli Creek, Champagne Rock Pools and Lake Wabby. Whether you take a guided 4WD tour or take your own car across on the ferry, don't miss this must-see destination during your time on the Fraser Coast.
  • Dolphin feeding - head for Tin Can Bay in the morning, about one hour's drive south of Hervey Bay, where you can hand feed dolphins in their natural habitat. Barnacles Dolphin Centre offers a rare opportunity to interact with a pod of wild Australian Humpback dolphins, which turn up most mornings for a feed in Snapper Creek.
  • Anzac Park and Ululah Lagoon - just a half hour drive south of Pialba, this peaceful lagoon in Maryborough was once a favourite place for Aboriginal corroborees. The lagoon is surrounded by a walk and cycle path and there's a skate bowl, children's fort, flying fox and other play equipment for the kids. And with the wildflowers in full bloom, this is the perfect time of year for a visit.

For more ideas and inspiration, check out our Guide to Spring School Holidays in Hervey Bay.

Summer School Holidays (December - January)

The Fraser Coast comes alive in the summer school holidays, with a lot more visitors around and even more great school holiday attractions to enjoy. Summer fun in the Pialba region includes:

  • The Beach - protected from the big swells by Fraser Island, the Pialba/Hervey Bay region has some of the safest family swimming beaches in Australia. So pack your fishing rod and a picnic lunch and head for any one of these popular stretches including Scarness, Hervey Bay, Pialba. Urangan. Gables Point, Point Vernon, Eli Creek and Gatakers Bay.
  • Moonraker Dolphin Swims - fancy swimming with dolphins and seals? If you're a family of strong swimmers, your kids are going to love this opportunity to get up close and personal with these amazing sea creatures. Moonraker Dolphin Swims is an ecotourism company based in Torquay that will take you to where the action is and let you view and even swim with wild seals and dolphins in their natural environment.
  • Botanic Gardens - set in 26 hectares of land, Hervey Bay Botanic Gardens are a beautiful oasis of peace and tranquillity and the perfect place for a family picnic or lazy day out. There are lots of shady spots to set up camp with gas BBQs provided and plenty of wildlife to keep the kids entertained including ducks, turtles and goldfish.
  • Wetside Water Park - this is the ultimate way to beat the heat and if your kids love getting wet, they'll love Wetside Water Park. A cheap, fun day out, the park is located on the Esplanade at the Pialba foreshore. It offers free parking, free entry and something wet for kids of all ages including a giant tipping bucket (free), two large slides ($5 for 10 slides) and a Flipside Boardride wave machine for older kids ($6 a ride).
  • Pialba Place - if your holiday involves some retail therapy, then this is the place to head on a hot summer day. Pialba Place offers a large shaded playground for the kids featuring an array of fun activities that promote learning and creativity including a pirate fort, climbing wall, several slides, ocean see-saw, two bay swings and much more. While for mum and dad, there's a big range of shopping and dining experiences all in air-conditioned comfort and with free wi-fi throughout the centre.

For more ideas and inspiration, check out our Guide to Summer School Holidays in Hervey Bay

Bring the kids shopping to Pialba Place

And remember, whatever time of year you're in town, Pialba Place shopping centre has lots of free fun for the kids every school holidays. So bring them along on your next shopping trip and find out what's happening here any time of year.


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Gem Fossicking

Posted on 3 January 2019
Gem Fossicking

Treasure Hunters Wanted!

Fossick for beautiful gems and stones at our FREE gem fossicking workshop, proudly provided by the Hervey Bay Gem and Mineral Club Inc.

Find the hidden treasures to win daily prizes. Find the triceratops and win a Family Movie pass for 4 people!

Wednesday 16th January to  Friday 19th January
10.30am to 1.30pm daily
Coles Mall next to The Massage House

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FREE Holiday Fun

Posted on 20 December 2018
FREE Holiday Fun
5 Days of Play!

Join us for free school holiday fun with 5 days of craft workshops from Monday 21st to Friday 25th January.

Activities are as follows:
  • Monday - Sand Photo frames
  • Tuesday - Metal Models 
  • Wednesday - Pirate magnets
  • Thursday - Paint a Frisbee
  • Friday - Slime Workshop
The workshops will be located near the playground and will run from 10am until 2pm (or until stock runs out each day).
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Beat the Heat

Posted on 22 November 2018
Beat the Heat

If you're feeling the summer heat in the Pialba/Hervey Bay region, there are several ways you can cool off, while still enjoying a fun day out. So grab your togs and throw the kids in the car, because here are the 3 best ways to beat the heat this weekend in and around Pialba.

Local Beaches

The beach is the first port of call for many people wanting to cool off on a hot summer's day. It's fun, it's free and if you're in the Pialba area, it's only a stone's throw away.

And the beaches around Pialba are unlike anywhere else on the Queensland coastline. That's because they're protected by Fraser Island from the big surf normally experienced on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, which makes them some of the safest swimming beaches in Australia, with minimum breakers or rips.

Their sheltered waters offer safe swimming and water activities for all ages and there are plenty of great spots to choose from including Urangan, Torquay, Scarness, Pialba, Point Vernon, Burrum Heads, Toogoom and Dundowran, just to name a few.

If you want to stretch your legs and catch a cooling sea breeze, a favourite spot is the Hervey Bay Esplanade. There's a path running some 16 kilometres along the Esplanade, on which you can walk, ride, scoot or skate all the way from Point Vernon to the Marina at Urangan. And there are lots of parks, playgrounds and picnic spots dotted along the way in places like Pialba, Scarness and Torquay.

And remember, if you plan to cool off along the way with a refreshing dip in the surf, always swim on patrolled beaches between the red and yellow flags and be sure to slip, slop slap at all times.

Swimming Pools

If you aren't a fan of swimming in the ocean and you don't have a pool in your own backyard, another good way to cool off on a hot summers day is to visit one of the public swimming pools in the Pialba area. There are several excellent aquatic facilities to choose from including:

  • Elders Swim Centre - this is a great place to cool off and an excellent facility to teach your children to swim, with classes for kids from as early as six months which boast the smallest student/teacher ratio in Hervey Bay. Elders Swim Centre also offers low impact water fitness classes and squad and club swimming programs and they're located in Islander Road Pialba.
  • Hervey Bay Aquatic Centre - located in Boundary Road, Torquay, facilities at this centre include an 8 lane 50 metre pool, a 25 metre heated pool with ramp access and rehabilitation lane, a heated indoor learn-to-swim pool, a children's leisure pool with water slides plus bbqs, shaded picnic areas, a canteen and a shop. They also offer learn to swim, aqua aerobics and fitness classes and have Inflatable Fun Days for the kids every Saturday of the school holidays.
  • Maryborough Aquatic Centre - situated on the corner of John and Kent Streets in Maryborough, this well appointed centre offers a 50 metre pool, 25 metre heated pool, hydrotherapy pool, children's play area, kiosk, free barbecues and shaded picnic areas. They also run swimming classes, aqua aerobics and group fitness classes, squad and junior lifesaving programs and have Inflatable Fun Days every Saturday of the school holidays.   If you're prepared to travel a little further for a dip, there are a number of other public swimming pools dotted around the Fraser Coast including Rainbow Beach Aquatic Centre, Tin Can Bay Swimming Pool, Goomeri Swimming Pool and Kandanga Swimming Pool.

Water Parks

When you think water parks in the Pialba area, you automatically think of WetSide Water Park, which is situated right on the foreshore at the junction of Main Street and the Esplanade.

This is a fun, eco-friendly, educational and extremely popular water park that provides the perfect family escape from the heat, because it's open 7 days a week during Queensland school holidays and entry is absolutely free!

The park features a large water play arena for kids of all ages, a TotSide area for safe play for under 5 year olds, two large water slides ($5 for 10 slides) and a FlipSide Board Rider wave machine for adventurous older kids that costs $6 a go.

With a coffee shop, fish & chip shop and restaurant onsite and a Fountain Light Show every Saturday night at 7pm, Wetside Water Park lives up to its reputation as the most popular water park this side of the Sunshine Coast.

And remember, while you're in the area, make sure you call into Pialba Place shopping centre just a few blocks from WetSide Water Park, where you'll find plenty of great shopping and dining options so you can stock up on sunscreen, hats, towels, sunnies, pool toys and picnic essentials.

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