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Stay hot this Winter with our top 8 fashion trends

Posted on 23 July 2018
Stay hot this Winter with our top 8 fashion trends

As mothers, we do need comfy clothes. But in fashion, comfort and style go together like tonic and gin. Keep reading to learn about the latest trends and garments every style-conscious mother needs to know about.

1. Tailoring

Tailoring is hot right now. Rather than suggesting 'boring and corporate', suits have evolved into a powerful and proud look for women. Whether you decide to pair your t-shirt and jeans with a blazer, or go full-on suit, you'll be going for a modern and determined look. Not to mention, super comfortable! The best part is, suits don't date they are a timeless look for an array of situations, from formal to casual.

2. Oversized sweater

Nothing like a cosy, oversized sweater to make you feel snug and comfy while remaining extremely stylish! Oversized sweaters are perfect for when you're going in and out of the house and don't want to change constantly to keep warm. They look great paired up with tights, or slim-fit jeans.

3. Puffy shoulders

A nod to the 80's: prominent and puffy shoulders are so in right now. You'll see them more in blouses and shirts, and they look amazing paired with slim fit pants, jeans or perhaps a pencil skirt. Puffy shoulders give your outfit that fashion flare you're looking for something that makes a statement and says that you are, in fact, the coolest mum around.

4. High-waist jeans

Is there anything comfier, and more practical than a pair of good old high-waist jeans? We think not. This garment has the power to make you look your best no matter what you pair them with. Not to mention, they are great at keeping everything in place and with all the bending over we do as mums, there's no risk of them pulling down all the time. While they've been around for a while, high-waist jeans are still very much regarded as a fashionable item, and we are all for it!

5. Pastel colours

Pastel colours are not just something that we see during spring (or the baby isle, for that matter). They are currently the preferred shades for blouses, tops, cardigans and jumpers alike. The best part of this trend is that it is versatile, and allows lots of room for you to get creative and play around with different combinations. Pastels colours can be combined extensively with many different hues without tiring the eye, as the colours are so soft.

6. Laid-back shirt

Owning at least one roomy shirt is clothing 101 for every stylish mum out there. And if it can be a chambray one, that's just perfect. Laid-back chambray shirts are soft and super comfy perfect for those days when you want to be comfortable and stylish. Pair it with some unique jeans, and you can easily have your fashion statement of the week.

7. Classy sandals

As a mum, you know you need a break from heels from time to time. That's when classy and comfy sandals come in. Owning a pair of elegant, flat sandals (think suede or brown leather) can compliment your look in ways heels can't as sometimes they kind of steal all the attention. With sandals, focus can be drawn to other fashion staples, such as your top, bag or scarf.

8. Trench coat

Lightweight, practical and chic, the trench coat has gone from cool to classic, which means, it's definitely a garment that you should have in your wardrobe. The most popular trench is still khaki-coloured as it's a very easy colour to match to the rest of your outfit. It also keeps you prepared for whatever weather is thrown at you.

Find your style

If you're a style-conscious mum, then keeping up with the latest fashion trends is a must. Whether you're more of a sporty mum, a practical mum who is never failed by a good pair of jeans, or more of a classical mum who loves dresses, the latest fashion trends offer something for every taste. You'll be able to find any fashion item you need from one of the many stores at Pialba Place, so make sure you visit today.

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Fraser Coast Camping Tips

Posted on 22 June 2018
Fraser Coast Camping Tips

Home to golden sands and blue seas, Queensland's Fraser Coast is the perfect spot to camp and enjoy a holiday with friends and family. It offers swimming, fishing, water sports, and fun beach activities, no matter what the season.

Hervey Bay, known as the 'whale watching capital of the world' is an area of beautiful scenery, great bars and restaurants, and unique activities which can't be done anywhere else. Hervey Bay is the perfect camping destination for anyone and everyone -- families, couples, backpackers, even for a girl's or bloke's trip. Rainfall is low, the beaches beautiful, and with plenty of things to do, you can't go wrong with a trip to Hervey Bay.

No matter what kind of experience you're after - this list of camping sites will provide you with options that cover all tastes and styles, from the adventurous types to the more laid-back holiday makers.

Camping in Hervey Bay

1. Scarness Beachfront Caravan Park

Esplanade, Scarness, QLD 4655

Scarness is a backpacker-friendly caravan park situated on the waterfront on Charlton Esplanade. For sheer proximity to the water, it can't be beaten. Calm waters front the park, making it safe for children and an ideal location for sailing, water skiing, swimming, snorkelling, or watching the waves. The camping rates are reasonable but take note that like most other holiday destinations, rates increase slightly during Christmas, Easter, and school holidays.

Scarness is well equipped with facilities and modern amenities, including free BBQs, camp kitchens, laundry facilities, a boat ramp, picnic areas, shops nearby, tourist information, disabled facilities, a TV room, and Wifi connection. Pets aren't allowed.

If you're backpacking, there are bus pick-ups which can take you on tours of Fraser Island, Lady Elliot Island and whale watching (during whale season in July-November). As an added bonus, it's only a couple of streets away from restaurants and shops, including our own Pialba Place! It's also the nearest on this list by foot to the town centre, including the RSL and residential areas.

2. Torquay Beachfront Tourist Park

Esplanade, Torquay, QLD 4655

Situated on the foreshore and overlooking the pristine waters of Hervey Bay, Torquay is an incredible option for beachfront camping accommodation. It's owned and operated by the same group as Scarness, so the prices are the same. And just like Scarness, Torquay is located in the heart of one of Hervey Bay's most lively areas, making it ideal to use as a central base for a variety of day trips. The park also offers booking facilities and bus pick-ups for Fraser Island and Lady Elliot Island tours year round, and Whale Watch trips July-November.

At Torquay Caravan Park, water enthusiasts can take advantage of the nearby boat ramp and sailing club, and there's a beach hire kiosk if you're looking for a day out on a jet ski or mini catamaran. There's also a 14km scenic path along the esplanade that's perfect for walking and cycling.

Torquay also offers the same conveniences as Scarness in terms of proximity to shops, hotels, cafes, and restaurants.

3. Lazy Acres Caravan Park

91 Exeter St, Torquay QLD 4655

Moving a little further inland, Lazy Acres is located away from the hustle and bustle, but is still comfortably within reach of everything that Hervey Bay has to offer. Whale watching, 4WD tours, and fishing charters can all be organised through the staff, with complimentary pick-ups and returns included.

Lazy Acres offer seven accommodation options including family villas, deluxe cabins, ensuite cabins, disabled units, ensuite sites, and powered and unpowered sites. If you're booking a cabin, you'll find them comfortable, clean and well facilitated. If you're pitching a tent or parking a caravan, you still have access to the modern amenities block and BBQ areas. Lazy Acres is a pet friendly site, however pets are not welcome inside cabins.

In terms of facilities, Lazy Acres also includes a playground for kids, a huge saltwater swimming pool, BBQs, and a laundromat. If being straight on the waterfront isn't a high priority (it's still only a short walk from the beach!), then this is a very convincing choice.

Facilities include, a large saltwater swimming pool with tropical surrounds, free gas BBQ's and fully equipped camp kitchen, modern amenities, laundromat facilities, pet-friendly camping sites, tourist information advice and tour bookings, playground, ice available, and secured entry.

4. Happy Wanderer Village

105 Truro St, Torquay QLD 4655

Packed with things to do before you even leave the site, the Happy Wanderer village is a 4.5 star holiday park situated a few streets off of the Esplanade.

Choose between their wide accommodation range, featuring 3-bedroom superior cabins, 2-bedroom villas, 1-bedroom superior cabins, studio units, budget cabin range, and disabled-friendly accommodation all set in beautifully landscaped, sub-tropical gardens. When it comes to the sites, whether you choose the super ensuite site or the grassed site, powered or unpowered, you can be assured Happy Wanderer Village has something to suit your needs and budget.

Happy Wanderer Village is situated roughly in between Torquay and Lazy Acres. Not quite on the waterside, but very closeby. The best of both worlds if budget isn't your concern.

Happy Wanderer Village offers:

  • Free Wifi
  • A multilevel pool
  • Laundry and BBQ services
  • Movie Nights during the holiday season
  • Multiple playgrounds, including a Giant Chess\Checkers set, Bocce, a Spider playground, Small Kids' Zone, slides, and a multi-game
  • Bike and fishing hire
  • Laptop hire

Camping on Fraser Island

As a holiday destination, Fraser Island is ideal for those looking for a real laid-back trip. Fraser offers freedom and a choice of a number of public and private camping grounds. It's important to note that you must first obtain a permit from the Department of Environment and Resource Management before entering Fraser. Fraser Island has seven main camping areas, five of which are managed by the Department, the other two are operated privately. Camping permits are required and fees apply.

When it comes to more developed camping areas, these are located at Central Stations, Lake McKenzie, Lake Boomanjin, Waady Point, Dundubara, and Wathumba. These generally feature basic facilities such as showers, toilets, BBQs, and picnic tables. While wood supplies are sometimes available, that's not always the case.

Commercial camping grounds are located at Cathedral Beach and Dilli Village and usually have similar facilities, however, they can be more private and secure, especially when it comes to dingoes, as the private campgrounds are fenced. Learn more about camping in Fraser here.

Beach camping zones

These are informal camping areas with no facilities, behind the foredunes on the eastern beach. You may only camp where permitted, at least 50m from watercourses. Car access is by formed entrance tracks only.

Formal campgrounds

Formal campgrounds feature basic facilities, including tap water and toilets. Some even have have BBQ's and washing up facilities. The main camp grounds include Central Station, Dundubara, and Waddy Point. Note that generators are not permitted. Here's a list of a few formal campgrounds on Fraser:

1. Cathedrals on Fraser

athedrals on Fraser is the only private and fenced camping ground on Fraser Island, providing a lush and relaxing environment where guests can enjoy all the natural beauty without sacrificing convenience. This also means that a Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service camping permit is not required. Cathedrals on Fraser is also fenced to protect the area from dingoes scavenging your tent and food.
There's also a wide array of facilities and accomodation types to suit every need and budget such as a fully-stocked shop with hot food and coffee, fuel station, laundry facilities, hot showers, permanently-erect canvas tents, cabins, and powered or unpowered camping sites.

2. Waddy Point Top Campground Fraser Island

Located in Orchid Beach Road, Waddy Point Top campground features 20 tents sites, six camper sites and one large group site. Waddy Point Top campground is a dingo-free area, with coin-operated showers and with communal fire rings provided however you must bring your own firewood. Camper sites must be booked and are accessible by high clearance 4WD campers and vehicles only.

3. Dundubara Campsite, Fraser Island

Dundubara campground is situated on the central east coast of the Island, north of Eli Creek and Maheno Wrecks. The location is a great central base for exploring some of the key attractions of the island, such as 75 Mile Beach.

The campground is very well equipped and maintained, think flushing toilets, shower blocks, dish washing area with hot water, clean gas BBQs, fire rings for communal campfires, information booth, payphone, and post box. Dundubara campground is also fenced.  

When you're on Fraser Island, come check out Pialba Place and see what's on. Take a look around the shops and have a bite to eat.

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Plan a Girls Getaway

Posted on 22 June 2018
Plan a Girls Getaway

Fraser Island, with its stunning crystal clear freshwaters, lush rainforest and incredible coastline, is certainly a great place to go on an epic adventure. And if you can bring the girls along, that'd make it even better. But with so many things to do and see, it can be tricky to know where to start when it comes to organising your trip. So, we've put together a handy guide to help you out and make your girls weekend in Fraser Island unforgettable.

Where to go?

1. Lake Mackenzie

Lake McKenzie is a crystal clear, freshwater lake perched high on a dune surrounded by white, soft sandy beaches. It's the perfect spot to enjoy a nice, relaxing swim. There are boardwalks from the parking area to the beach.

2. Seventy-Five Mile Beach

Visit the incredible Seventy-Five Mile Beach   right on the action for some of the best beach fishing in the world. The surf that gutters along the ocean beaches provide all-season angling and are great for beginners and families. You may even get to see one of the island's famous pure-bred dingoes but remember to keep your distance

3. Champagne pools

Swimming in the Champagne Pools is a must do in the island natural jacuzzi pools formed by waves crashing into rock pools. The depth of the pools depends on tides and weather, and it's one of the most popular watering holes on island. Please note that footwear is needed due to the sharp rocks.

4. Eli Creek

You'll certainly have lots of fun floating down the cool, fast-flowing fresh water of Eli Creek as it rushes all the way to the beach. The best part is you never know which way the creek will flow, as it changes regularly depending on conditions.

5. Lake Wabby

Trek across the Hammerstone Sandblow from the beach to swim in the fresh water of Lake Wabby a true oasis in a desert.  Make sure you have walking shoes, plenty of water, sunscreen and a hat before you head out, as it can get pretty warm out there on the dunes.

6. Climb Indian Head

Fraser Island is a great destination for those who love a cool trek. Climb Indian Head for spectacular views both north and south along the coast. Whales, dolphins, turtles, sharks and other marine wildlife can also be spotted from up here.

7. Bird watching

Make sure you're looking up and don't miss the island's unique birds. Thanks to its diverse range of habitats, Fraser Island is a bird watchers' paradise an incredible 354 different bird species can be found in the island many considered rare or vulnerable and many subject to international bird migratory treaties.

8. Whale watching

Keep an eye out for these majestic beings from the coast of Seventy-Five Mile Beach between June and October. On the western side, Fraser Island provides shelter for some of the best calm water whale watching anywhere in the world so you'll get the best view possible! You can also take a whale watching cruise if you'd want to experience it first hand.

Where to eat?

1. Seabelle

Head to Seabelle for a great night out. Located at Kingfisher Bay, and specialises in cooking with Australian bush foods think Barramundi wrapped in Pandanus, Queensland grilled kangaroo loin, Thai spicy duck in red curry or Singaporean-style sand crab. Their menu is innovative, fun and mouth-watering, and the service is top notch. The best part is, all desserts are one of a kind.

2. Sand Bar and Bistro

Sand Bar and Bistro is the perfect place if you're after a relaxed, laid-back meal. Think chicken and bacon pizza or chicken breast parmy both quite reasonably-priced. Sand Bar and Bistro also features a delicious seafood selection. All meals come with great service, and a smile is guaranteed as part of the experience.

3. Maheno Restaurant

Located within the Kingfisher Resort, Maheno Restaurant will surely take your tastebuds on a trip. A great choice for a buffet dinner, you're able to choose your main meal from a menu plus all of the accompanying elements are available on the buffet. A great value for money. And last but not least the staff are very hospitable and friendly.

4. Satinay

Head to Satinay if you're after great food paired with great customer service. Meals are served in bistro style, and portions are quite big so make sure you get there ready to feast! Staff are very accommodating, and customer service is top-tier.

5. McKenzie's Restaurant

Food is plentiful in McKenzie's Restaurant buffet and quite varied too. You could also go with their a la carte menu, and paired your meal with some very affordable cocktails. Expect the staff to be incredibly helpful and ready to serve you with a big smile on their faces.

Fraser Island is the perfect spot to go for an unforgettable adventure with your girlfriends. We hope this guide helped you with organising your trip. And be sure to visit Pialba Place to catch some entertainment and go shopping on your trip.

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Cyber Cafe Coming Soon

Posted on 7 June 2018
Cyber Cafe Coming Soon

What is a Cyber Cafe?  According to, a Cyber Cafe is "a place to use computers to access the internet, play games, create documents, chat with friends using voice and video, as well as a number of other computer-related tasks".

The cyber cafe first came into existence in July 1991 in San Francisco, when Wayne Gregori started up the SFnet Coffeehouse Network.  He built and set up 25 coin operated computer stations in multiple coffeehouses in San Francisco.  Today, there are thousands of cyber cafes all over the world.

Now, Hervey Bay has joined the trend with the opening of The Game Lab Cyber Cafe at Pialba Place.  Set to be the hub for the E-sports community, this is the place for the everyday gamer to come and play in an environment created by gamers for gamers.

Featuring up-to-date PC's, hardware and consoles with all the current patches.  The latest games and accessories, plus virtual reality stations.  Memberships will be available with access to tournaments, events and free game time included!

Gaming "Lock-ins" are available - 12 hours intensive gaming sessions going from 8pm and 8am the next morning! 

Join Chris, Dean and Brody for the ultimate in gaming!  Grand opening on Friday 8th June at 10am.

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Create a capsule wardrobe

Posted on 21 May 2018
Create a capsule wardrobe

Capsule Wardrobe is a term that was coined by Susie Faux in the 1970s. Susie was the owner of a London boutique called "Wardrobe", which specialised in clothing that would never go out of fashion. She believed that with the right essential items, you could update your look every season without having to start afresh.

In short, a 'capsule wardrobe' is a mini wardrobe made up of really versatile pieces. Some might say it's a 24-37 piece wardrobe that's rotated every three months and it's made up of items like:

If you're the sporty type, you'll need to add some gym wear, and of course, you'll need a bit of bling...but you get the gist.

Why build a capsule wardrobe?

There are three main reasons why you should build a capsule wardrobe.

1. Save time

  Living and dressing with less means more time to spend on the things that matter most. Too many mornings are spent frantically tearing back hanger after hanger of clothes looking for something to wear when it could be simplified. No one has time for indecisiveness, so reduce your options and get dressed fast.

2.  More money

A capsule wardrobe is a great way to build an expensive wardrobe on the cheap. Buying quality pieces isn't always possible when you're packing out your wardrobe with every window display you walk past. Minimalism and careful planning saves you money, plain and simple and this makes room for a few high quality, timeless pieces.

3. Less stress

A capsule wardrobe helps you weed out all the negative feelings that connect to your clothes, be it guilt, chaos, the endless laundry or the pain of owning clothes you no longer fit into. A capsule wardrobe is all about items you feel great in. If you don't absolutely love a piece, it doesn't belong in your wardrobe. You're left only with clothes that make you feel great and this means less stress when finding something to wear. 

How to build a capsule wardrobe

If you are going to go to the trouble of building a capsule wardrobe, do it right.

Purge and evaluate

The first step to building a capsule wardrobe is to purge and evaluate. Set aside a few hours, enlist the help of a friend, and pull everything out of your existing wardrobe. Keep only what still fits, only what's in style, and only clothes in good condition. Remember, if something doesn't make you feel great, it doesn't belong in your capsule wardrobe.

Shop in one go

If your budget allows you to do it, shop for your capsule wardrobe in one go. This reduces the risk of being tempted to buy every time you enter the shops because you can stick to a list and keep track of everything you need for a high quality capsule wardrobe. No more random purchases!

After purging and evaluating your wardrobe, you might find you are left with 20 items you truly love. This means you have up to 17 items you can add to your capsule wardrobe. Write down what's missing, piece together an outfit you feel great in, and head to Pialba Place. With a range of diverse fashion stores, including Black Berrie, Go Girl, Savvy Girl, Millers and Rockmans, there's something for every preferred style. Stores like Shoe Frenzy and Williams will help you complete your look so you look great head to heel. For handcrafted jewellery and hand woven shawls and scarves, visit the Gift Bag Collective  

Stay organised

The trick to getting the most from your capsule wardrobe is to keep it organised. Perhaps you want your capsule wardrobe out in the open where you can admire its carefully curated simplicity? Maybe you want a separate divider in your wardrobe from the rest of your clothes? The more compact the solution, the more it forces you to stay organised and the easier it is to find things. By keeping your capsule wardrobe separate from everything else you own, you can start with the basics and then grab what you need.

Loving your capsule wardrobe  

The bottom line is that a capsule wardrobe represents more time and energy for what really matters. It means less time staring at too many choices and more money in your pocket to invest in high quality pieces. It means having something to wear no matter the occasion using the "3 of each rule" - one casual, one statement, one in-between.

There will be mistakes, but learn from these and you'll hone in on your style more than you thought possible. This will inevitably lead to a life of happiness and contentment.


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