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Simple Swaps: 9 Eco Products to Reduce Waste

Posted on 23 July 2018
Simple Swaps: 9 Eco Products to Reduce Waste

It's no secret that the environment needs all the help it can get. The truth is, if you love yourself, then you should love and care about the environment, too. It's that simple. Cutting down on disposable product consumption is key for a brighter future especially when it comes to plastic. Plastic doesn't disintegrate naturally, which means it ends up in our oceans and hurts marine wildlife. According to UNESCO, plastic debris kills more than a million seabirds every year, as well as more than 100,000 marine mammals.

With some simple changes in your behaviour, you can lead a more eco-friendly life. Keep reading to learn about nine essential eco products you should start using now.

1. Travel cups

Say goodbye to single-used coffee cups. Conscious caffeine lovers enjoy their favourite drink in reusable mugs nowadays, made with a silicone or chemical-free plastic lid. They're a fantastic way to help the planet, as single-use coffee cups have a plastic film in order to stop the coffee from leaking. This means they can't be recycled.

2. Reusable water bottles

C'mon, there are water fountains everywhere! Additionally, drinking out of reusable bottles is much healthier for you, as there is no contact with plastic whatsoever. No to mention, buying water isn't good for your wallet either think of all the money you could save if you just kept a reusable bottle in your bag.

3. Home cutlery

Takeaway meals is where much of the unnecessary use of plastic can be found. Plastic containers, plastic cutlery, tonnes of sevilletes, plastic straws break the habit, and next time you order takeaway, simply say you don't need plastic cutlery or a plastic bag. Buy reusable cutlery and carry it with you in your bag they are smaller and way more stylish than normal cutlery.

4. Reusable shopping bags

It's not like we have much of an option now that Coles and Woolworths stopped giving plastic bags away which is a great thing. However, the culture of the plastic bag remains. To make sure you aren't caught off guard, keep a bunch of reusable shopping bags in your car, so you're always ready to shop sustainably!

5. Glass jars for plastic-free shopping

While it is great that the big supermarkets have banned plastic bags, there's still a staggering amount of plastic everywhere you look. Pretty much every fresh product comes in plastic containers, from fruit and veggies to biscuits, bread, and nuts. Not to mention the clear plastic bags to chuck the fruit in. But you can help reduce this, by bringing your own glass or mason jars into the store, and placing your nuts and dried fruit in them instead of plastic.

6. Period cup

Period cups are probably one of the smartest inventions out there. They are super environmentally-friendly as they aren't disposable, unlike pads or tampons and they also feature a larger capacity. Cups are also healthier for you, as tampons and pads can have polyester, adhesives and propylene glycol chemicals that are not, in any way, beneficial for your body. Last but not least: Who has time (and money) for tampon tax? Not us, sister! While the cup may mean an initial investment, is one that will save your wallet lots of dollarydoos in the long run.

7. Bamboo toothbrush

Let's not clean our teeth with plastic, people! Swap your toothbrush for an eco-friendly bamboo one. Most plastic toothbrushes are made out of polypropylene plastic and nylon, which are non-renewable fossil fuels. Whenever we buy a plastic toothbrush, we are not only filling landfills, also but using up fossil fuels faster than necessary.

8. Eco-friendly shampoo

Have you ever looked at what Shampoo is made from? Probably not. The thing is, all those chemicals that go down your drain find their way back to the environment, and it's not pretty. Think about switching to and organic brand, such as Organic Care their products are both environmentally-friendly and grey-water friendly.

9. Chemical-free sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen is crucial for healthy sun exposure, especially in Australia's unforgiving climate. However, lots of them are made with awful, damaging chemicals that aren't good at all for your skin and our oceans. In fact, just recently, Hawaii banned all sunscreens that harm coral reefs. While there's still no such legislation in Australia, you can do your part by purchasing an eco-friendly, natural product.

Make the change

While change can seem scary, especially when you've used plastic your whole life, facts can't be ignored, and we owe it to our future generations to take that leap into a more eco-friendly future. Practice makes perfect, and after a few adjustments, you'll get used to it very quickly. At Pialba Place you'll find a range of stores that stock eco-friendly products to help you reduce your waste.

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