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Summer is already here

Posted on 11 January 2018
Summer is already here

The best season of the year is finally here. Longer, brighter days; beach escapades and warmer temperatures await. Summer and the holidays come and suddenly everything seems better. And after spring cleaning, redecorating your home in line with the new season is only natural. Don't worry - we're not talking purchasing new furniture, tearing walls down or installing brand new curtains. Just tweaking a few details in your home will do the trick in decorating your home for a summer feel. The golden rule? Bring the outdoors in.

1. Yes to flowers and leafy greens

If the goal is to bring the outdoors in, nature plays a big role in making your home summer-ready. Try to showcase flowers and leafy greens from your garden as much as you can. Place at least two vases in your house. It could be one at the entrance and another one in the kitchen or dining area, or anywhere that you spend the most time.

Flowers are not only easy on the eyes, they also have the power to brighten up any space in a heartbeat. The more colourful they are, the better. And remember, you don't need to spend extra on flowers, you can always purchase beautiful fake ones and make stunning arrangements that'll last forever.

2. Bring the beach in

Australia is lucky to feature an impressive and mesmerising coastline, filled with beautiful beaches. To associate summer with going to the beach is something that's intrinsically very Australian. Take advantage of this and bring the oceans inside your home for the ultimate summer style decoration. Think seashells, nautical-themed decor and paintings, glass bottles, washed-back photo frames, amongst others.

3. Fruit display (garden)

Fruit and fresh produce always get better in summer. Watermelons, nectarines, berries, queen peaches, mangoes you name it. Virtually every fruit gets better in the warmer months. So why not showcase it? Make an easy (and delicious!) centrepiece table with oranges, mangoes, apples, and any other seasonal fruit you can think of. Nothing screams 'summer-time' more than fresh fruit. In addition, it's also a great time to start a veggie garden. So don't just buy the fresh produce, make it yourself!

4. Fresh and sweet scents

It's always a good idea to switch scents in your home whenever a new season starts, to start from scratch. For summer, think fresh or sweet scents, such as vanilla, ginger, citrus, cucumber or ocean breeze. Get new candles, soaps, burning oils and even consider changing your perfume. Change can be strange initially, but it'll make a huge difference in bringing that summer feel into your home.

5. Neutral and lighter colours

Renovating your home for summer may be a tad extreme, but re-dressing can definitely be in the cards! Think neutral or pastel colours to give your home a summer feel. Winter is long gone, so get rid of any wool or heavy-looking throws, as well as any dark or gloomy accessories.

Start with the bedding: choose off-white linen sheets (still light, but warmer than normal white), a floral or pastel quilt and a white or pastel yellow towels for a bathroom refresh. On a budget? Sometimes all your bedding needs is new pillowcases - instead of purchasing a whole new sheet set. You can keep your perfectly fine white sheets, but give your bed a splash of colour and freshness with a new floral or patterned pillowcase. It's a small detail that'll make a huge difference!

After you're done with the bedrooms and bathrooms, you can move on to the common areas. Add colour and texture to your couches by changing the cushion covers to coloured ones or showcasing a new neutral-coloured rug.

6. Let the light in

Summer means more sunlight! Soak it all in by leaving the curtains open as much as you can. It may seem like a small change - but you'll be surprised by how much more inviting and brighter your house will feel if you leave the curtains open for longer. Also, if your budget allows it, think about installing linen curtains in the living room area for an extra summer feel.

7. Concentrate on the outdoor spaces

In summer you'll be using the outdoor spaces way more, so it makes sense to shift your focus over to those areas and create a versatile outdoor area for all to enjoy. Think about new outdoor chairs, maybe installing a hammock, adding more pot plants or even improving the outdoor lighting with fairy lights.

8. Try a new layout

While not necessarily related to summer, consider rearranging your furniture layout in your living area. You could move couches, tables or rugs around in order to try a new look that'll feel fresh and different, just like a new season.

Summer is just upon us. Take advantage of this warmer, brighter season with a house revamp. Simple things like new bedding, new cushion covers, fresh scents, focusing on nautical decor items, adding flower arrangements and focusing on the outdoor spaces are easy and affordable ways to decorate your home for a summer feel. That said, if you're after doing proper renovations or looking to even bring in new furniture, summer is also the perfect time of the year to do so.

You can decorate your home on a budget by shopping for all your home decor needs at Pialba Place. You find everything from mirrors to photo frames to artificial flower arrangements and scented candles at Truckloads, so you can brighten up your home without breaking the bank.

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