Case study - Better Health Products

We chat to one of our long term clients Shane Blackley from Better Health Products

What do you like most about Pialba Place?
We always generate genuine enquiries while we are at Pialba Place and we find that the enquiries continue after our booking.

Why do you choose Pialba Place?
We have leased sites in larger centres and found the enquiry rate follow up was not as good as it is at Pialba Place.  Also their customers are friendly and have time to stop and chat with our staff.
Would you recommend Pialba Place to other business?
Absolutely, the booking process is fast and efficient and the Centre staff are welcoming and flexible, understanding that one size does not fit all.  
What have your recent results been from casual leasing at Pialba Place?
Increased brand awareness in the region, high conversion rates from enquiry to contract and repeat business and word of mouth referrals following our bookings.
Better Health Products provide quality appliances that assist and enhance the independence and mobility of their clientele. Follow them on Facebook here