Signage and advertising opportunities
Signage and advertising opportunities

Advertising and signage opportunities

We have advertising and signage opportunities available throughout the centre to capture the customers attention at every point of their shopping experience including:
  • ​Entryway decals
  • Floor decals
  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Banners and hoardings
  • Travelator
  • Carpark
  • Digital advertising
By positioning your brand at the very forefront of a customer’s mind as they walk around the centre, you are engaging them at the most important point of their shopping journey.

Entry Door decals

First impressions last, communicate as customers enter the centre and be at the forefront of their minds.
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Floor decals

Throughout the centre to position your brand at the forefront of customers minds at every step of their journey.
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Mall posters

Posters, stands & flyers to capture shoppers attention as they make their way through the centre.
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Travelator decals

Communicate to a customer just as they arrive, leave a lasting impression as they transit through the centre.
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Car park signage

Reinforce your brand as customers arrive at the centre, or look at other opportunities like  bollard or column wraps.
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Branded hoardings

Attract customers’ attention as they make their way through the centre. These can be used as general branding signage or specific campaign or offers and provide high impact.
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Wall Mounted banners

Wall Mounted banners that can be used as general branding signage, directional signage, or specific campaign or offers.
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