Decorating on a budget
Decorating on a budget
It’s no secret that interior design can be pricey. Watch an episode of The Block or Top Design and you’ll discover just how expensive decor can be. A $30,000 dining table anyone?!
Luckily, home decor doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, it’s more than possible to decorate your home on a strict budget. If you think outside the square, don’t mind getting your hands dirty and know where to shop to find a bargain, you can transform your home on a shoestring and have fun while doing it.
Create a design plan
With so much information and inspiration available online, it’s easier and more affordable than ever to decorate your home beautifully. But if you don’t visualise how all your pieces will fit together and stay ‘on theme’, it can be easy to get off track and over-spend on pieces you don’t need.
Planning is the most crucial element of good design and a decorating plan is essential for staying on track and under budget. Keep a notebook of ideas, make a priority list, convert your journaling ideas to a board, play around with layout and estimate costs from there.
Then, and only then are you ready to hit the shops.
Ten creative home decor ideas to get you started
  1. DIY Pompom Rug
Pompom rugs are a fun, stylish way to introduce a pop of colour to your home. Purchased in store they can be upwards of a few hundred dollars. Luckily, this pom pom video tutorial from Babble will teach you how to make your own. All you need is some yarn, a non-stick mat, a paper towel roll and some scissors - all of which is available at Truckloads. Feeling ambitious? You could even make a matching chair.
2. Toilet Roll Wall Art
What house doesn’t have an endless supply of empty toilet rolls? Instead of throwing them in the recycling, gather them up and get crafty. You can make all sorts of decor with this versatile household item, from cutesy floral arrangements to photo and mirror frames. All you need to do is pick up some glue, scissors, a pack of drawing pins and some colourful paint from Truckloads.
3. Fairy Light Curtains
For the little princess in your life, these fantasy-filled curtains are a simpler, cheaper alternative to a four poster bed. Hung from metal hoops attached to the ceiling, they’re as easy as hanging a string of fairy lights and then covering with a sheer curtain you’ll find at Big W. For the grown up princess, try creating a more sophisticated fantasy-filled wall by looping fairy lights over pushpins.
4. Tape picture frames
Whether it’s for a home office or a teen’s den, these tape picture frames are genius. Cheap, easy and surprisingly chic, you can frame just about anything; from magazine clippings and photographs to postcards and your favourite quotes. You can even change your frames to suit the seasons or whenever you fancy something different. Choose your images, buy yourself a selection of different tapes from Truckloads (Japanese washi tape is great for this) and go beyond a simple rectangular frame. Need to print some photos for the project? Head to Big W's photo centre.
5. Beautify boring products
Instead of filling your bathroom vanity with bottles of mouthwash and other unsightly things, add a touch of class by tipping products into decanters and other beautiful trinkets available at Open House. It’s amazing how luxurious a bathroom can feel simply by adding a few glass jars.  

6. Update your lighting
The right lighting can transform the mood of a room and enhance a scheme without blowing your budget. Replace an old lamp shade with a fresh new one (find them at Open House or Big W) and experience the difference it makes. Place one table lamp on either side of your sofa or bed and be amazed by how it ties the room together and brings a sense of balance and cohesion.
7. Invest in art
There’s no better way to bring character to a room than with art. Well worth the investment (be it financially or through time), art is a form of communication that no other item in the home can express. You don’t have to understand it to enjoy it, but you do have to hang it right. The easy rule of thumb is to hang your art at 57 inches on centre - meaning the centre of every piece is 57 inches from the floor.
Check out the huge range of art at Open House or pick up some paints and a canvas at Truckloads and express yourself.
8. Cushions
If you can’t treat yourself to a new sofa, have some fun with some new cushions instead. Add some lively colour and comfort to your lounge, sitting room or bedroom by bringing scatter cushions in various prints, textures and styles to the space. Cushions are an excellent way to incorporate your personality into your home and for patterns that are stylish yet fun, head to Gift Bag Collective.

9. Small details
Small details make all the difference. Start by freshening up your home using inexpensive paint and then spend some time shopping for coasters, vases, glassware and pots. These items won’t cost the earth but they will add significant decorative value to your home. If you can’t find what it is you’re after, talk to the ladies at Gift Bag Collective, who hand make nearly everything they sell.  
10. Candles
Candles look best when massed, particularly on a spacious surface like a coffee table. The larger the surface, the larger the candles should be. Group four of five pillar candles (available at Open House) at different heights (keep the colour consistent) and consider scent too. A room with beautifully scented candles feels warmer and more welcoming.

Shopping smartly
At Pialba Place, we have a number of home decor stores that offer stylish pieces for a low price. Open House has two great stores and offer a massive range from coastal chic to contemporary glam plus everything in between. Brands like Scanpan & Maxwell line the shelves alongside well-loved Australian designers like Kelly Lane. For ‘on trend’ shopping, Open House is your one stop shop.
The Gift Bag Collective offers quality, handcrafted pieces created by a group of seven local ladies. Anything you buy here is guaranteed to be unique and every item has a story to tell. From pottery and crockery, there’s a plethora of items to choose from at low prices.
Truckloads, is the place to really save, with mirrors, photo frames, artificial flower arrangements, candles and more at low, low prices. Hervey Bay’s biggest discount store it’s like walking into a budget-friendly wonderland. Decorate your home without breaking the bank. Anything you can’t find there you’ll be able to find in Big W.
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