10 gorgeous nail trends for Autumn
10 gorgeous nail trends for Autumn
You may have noticed that in recent years the Internet has been going nuts for nail art. Pinterest is packed with it, and Hellogiggles regularly runs its Nails of the Day feature, which The New Girl star Zooey Deschanel started in 2011 to show off perfectly executed French manicures. An early adopter of the creative manicure she was famously seen wearing tiny tuxedos on her nails for the 2012 Golden Globes.
A quick Google and you’ll discover a whole social media subculture of nail art enthusiast blogs, Tumblrs, Twitter pages and YouTube tutorials. So why the sudden craze?
One thought is that during times of austerity we look for shopping thrills that have instant impact for minimal outlay. “Out-there” nails certainly fits that bill. Nail art is a relatively inexpensive custom accessory that can easily be applied to express your mood and match new trends. It’s a way to dress yourself for the seasons without a total wardrobe overhaul.
With autumn just arrived, we take a look at some designs you might like to apply…

1. Dark background colourful leaves
Nothing says autumn more than a selection of leaves in orange, brown, yellow and red hues. Deep, warm and muted these colours will bring depth to golden undertones and peachy skin. Their earth tone qualities compliment any eye colour and by keeping colours bold you can add a touch of spice to your overall look.


2. Olive metallic background   
By switching the darker element to the design, you allow the background colour to shine brighter. Add a touch of glitter and you’re good to go. If you want to take this a step further by adding more detail, try creating a gradient background colour using metallic olive and orange.

3. Summer autumn rainbow
Perhaps a little more appropriate for Hervey Bay’s warm autumns, these nails still offer the rich colours of autumn but the green tones lend a ‘summer’ feel. We guess you could say these are the perfect transition nails between the summer and autumn seasons.


4. Nude and autumn flowers
The subtle colours of these beautifully feminine nails make these the perfect daywear nails during the working week. Including the simple flower designs helps to bring detail to your nails without overdoing the theme.  

5. Midnight sunshine glamour
For a night on the town these nails ooze glitz and glamour. Keeping nails unique and then incorporating an additional pop of wow with black and gold glitter designs equals elegant and sophisticated nails. By throwing in a small amount of orange (one of the season’s colours), you tie it all into autumn.


6. Burgundy and gold
These simple and classy nails are ideal for a sophisticated dinner date or a midweek night out with friends. Not overly complicated they sum up the beauty of autumn - warm and rich gold with maroon french tips insane beauty. These colours will only work, however, with a perfectly executed manicure such as that offered at Neonails.

7. Pretty floral
For Sunday brunch, high tea or a babyshower, these delicate and pretty nails again bring a summery feel to autumn-themed nails. Worn on a sunny day with a pretty floral dress they offer the subtlety of the autumn season with the fun, playful glitz of summer. Another great transitional design.
8. Wild leaves
For the autumn leaf look with a wild twist, these African jungle-style nails bring some fun and vivacity to your overall look. To wear these nails is to be confident in one’s own skin, an admirable quality to have. Warm and elegant with a little flair and tigress added for good measure.

9. Cute floral
Going to the brighter side, these fun, playful and oh so cute nails bring the sunshine into the season and a little lightness into life. Impossible to look at these nails and not smile, they genuinely work their feel good magic. Perfect for an autumn picnic in the park or for stressful times when you need a reminder to smile.

10. Gradient entertainment
Combining a red base moving in an ombre style to black creates the perfect balance to represent the warm days and cooler nights. Not too heavy, these nails require a skilled nail artist such as those at Pialba Place to get right.

How to achieve these looks
Nail art is something you can do at home, and favourite stores such as TruckloadsWizard Pharmacy and Big W stock a wide range of nail polish, paint and accessories. That said, to pull off the beautiful looks seen above, you really should pay a visit to Neonails.
Neonails offers a wide range of services for women, men and children. From manicures and acrylic nails to the most detailed nail art, these professional technicians can do it al. Expect a friendly greeting always, highly skilled staff, and a relaxing environment. Check out the range of Neonail services today and start planning your next visit to Pialba Place.
10 / 04 / 2017