Formal Season is Here
Formal Season is Here
Yep, it's that time of the year.  School Formal preparations!  Whilst some schools have their formal early in the year so that their students can focus on their year 12 exams, most schools will have their formal at the end of the year.

If you haven't already joined the whirlwind ride of school formal, there are quite a few things that need to be sorted.  Firstly, The Dress......for most year 12 girls, this is an anxious time fraught with spying and copying and distrust!  The hunt will be on for that one-of-a-kind dress to ensure that nobody else looks the same!  There is also the minor consideration of cost!  Minor unless it is your pocket that is paying for it!  Don't panic, the formal dress doesn't have to be hideously expensive, and there are a number of local options right here at Pialba Place.

Classy Celebrations specialises in formal dresses for all shapes, sizes and price ranges.  Diana and her team are ready to help you decide on a style that suits and then find that special dress.  Sometimes there are specials on racks that you can snap up for under $100 - a bargain for a formal dress!  Black Berrie has a number of stunning cocktail dresses if you are loooking for something different.  Accessories, shoes and even makeup is also available to complement our outfit.  Can't find anything here either?  Check out Go Girl and Rockmans, as they also have a great range to suit everyone.
classy-celebrations-black-formal-dress.JPG         classy-celebrations-blue-floral-formal-dress-back.jpg       classy-celebrations-pink-formal-dress-(1).JPG  black-berrie-floral-gown.jpg  black-berrie-gold-dress.jpg

Shoes are the next step.  Williams,  Shoe Frenzy and even Go Girl have a large selection of evening shoes for you to choose from.
williams-black-heel.JPG    williams-clear-heel.JPG    shoe-frenzy-gold-(1).jpg  shoe-frenzy-tan-(1).jpg

HAIR!  These days it is all about the "updo", and both Mode and Haircorp have talented stylists who can help you here.  Whether you have short, medium or long hair there is a style for you.  The trick is to work out well in advance what style you want.  This may mean a trial run at your hairdresser, but will lead to a less stressful hair appointment on the day.
bun-hairstyles.JPG  formal-hair.JPG  long-hair-updo.JPG

Before the day, remember to set some time aside for a pamper session with your teen.  Make it a pamper party with some of her mates along!  Neonails can look after you with a relaxing spa pedicure, and can also make sure you have the perfect set of acrylic or gel nails for the day!
spa-pedicure.jpg  gel-nails.jpg  formal-nails.jpg

But wait, there's more!  Have you organised transport?  Hervey Bay Limousines can help you here.  Or, do you have a friend or family member with a vintage car?  What about a horse.....chopper.....anything really!
arriving-by-chopper.jpg  arriving-by-horse.jpg  combi-to-formal.jpg

We've given you enough to think about for the moment!  You can count on your teenager to think of numerous other items that need to be taken into consideration....who are they going to sit with?  What if someone else has the same jewellery on?  The possibitilies know no limits!  Formal is an event that will be treasured in our memories for years and years - both as parents and as the attendees - enjoy the experience and relish in the fact that they still need your assistance to organise things.
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