New Year, New You
New Year, New You
Reinventing your wardrobe as the New Year arrives keeps your outfits fresh, fun and on-trend. If you’re feeling like you have nothing to wear, or you think you could benefit from an update, why not start the year with a wardrobe refresh? Whether you’re looking for stylish work gear or glamming up for an evening out, these easy tips will ensure you keep up with the trends, without having to break your budget.

Starting with a wardrobe clean-out

Every wardrobe refresh should start with decluttering. Some people have no trouble getting rid of old clothing, but for others, it can be hard to let go of things that they don’t wear anymore. A sign that you need to clean out your wardrobe is when you have an overflowing wardrobe, but still have nothing to wear!
Decluttering and clearing out your wardrobe is important, because if you can see your pieces clearly, you can visualise a great outfit to put together more easily. Here are some tips for your wardrobe clean-out.
  • Two-year rule – If you haven’t worn something in the last year, put it in storage. After another year, if you still haven’t thought about the item, it’s time to donate it to someone who can make better use of it.
  • Five-pile strategy – Use five piles to help with the decluttering process: keep, fix, donate, throw away, and sell.
  • Sentimental items – It’s fine to keep a few items that are valuable to you because of sentimental value, but if it’s cluttering up your wardrobe and you’re running out of space, put these in storage. Keep in mind that donating or selling items of sentimental value won’t mean losing the memory, which will always belong to you.
  • Wardrobe exchange – Hosting a wardrobe exchange is a fun way to get rid of your unwanted pieces in exchange for some that you will be wearing. Invite a small group of friends over and ask everyone to bring five pieces of unwanted clothing that are in top condition.

Trends to leave behind and trends to adopt

Some 2016 trends to leave behind or shelve away for now include fur sliders, off-the-shoulder tops, flared trousers, and band t-shirts. You can safely donate these or keep them in storage for the coming year.
Big prints are all the rage this season, so if you’re feeling adventurous, add some embroidery-style prints, checks, plaids, and geometric blocks of colour to your wardrobe.
Fairy-tale dresses in midi or maxi style will be popular this year, as well as pairing a ruffled chiffon dress with a chunky sweater or a suede biker jacket. A silk blouse might be one of those on-point pieces to add to your wardrobe as well, along with sequined pieces.
For pants, look for pieces that allow you to show plenty of ankle, and on-trend styles are narrow with a stirrup or a cropped flare, possibly coupled with heels. In skirts, fashion experts suggest mid-length skirts are in this year, and all the better if there’s a flouncy mermaid hem. In accessories, look for chic and tidy box bags, as well as backpacks in velvet.

Updating your wardrobe
You can stay stylish for the coming year without breaking your budget. Focus on complimenting your existing wardrobe with anything you buy.
  • Invest in a few on-point pieces – When adding to your wardrobe, make sure these items will match items you already have in your wardrobe. Avoid repeat buying and focus on purchasing just one quality, high-impact item.
  • Add some colour – Adding a few new colours that you otherwise rarely wear freshens up your look. Pantone’s colours for 2017 give some extra guidance on some of the on-trend colours for the new season.
  • Work with a trusted tailor – For some items, the solution is not donation or trashing, but alteration. That’s why it’s worth the time to find a trustworthy go-to tailor who’s happy to hem your skirts and pants and narrow the width of your jackets with some figure-shaping darts. A tailor can alter necklines, add trims, and update your pieces in other ways.
  • Flatter your body shape – Keep up with the trends while dressing for your body shape, and most importantly, have fun experimenting with fashion that works for you. Both men and women can benefit from dressing for their body shape.  
  • Think vintage – Shopping at vintage stores is a wonderful option for snapping up designer-brand bargains. Make sure you wear some comfortable shoes and give yourself plenty of time to sort through the goods.
  • Find a celebrity lookalike – Access the advice of an expensive stylist without paying, by finding a celebrity with style that you admire and who has the same build as you. Be inspired to dress as they do. By doing this, you can get some great insights into building a silhouette that enhances your body shape and choosing colours that work well for you.

Staying stylish for a new year might be as simple as cleaning out your wardrobe, adding a few key pieces, and learning to dress for your body type. Above all, don’t forget to have fun experimenting with new looks, whether it’s for work, leisure, or going out.
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