Packing for a cruise
Packing for a cruise
9 Must-Haves When Packing for a Cruise

With over one million Australians taking setting sail in 2016, cruising has become a popular choice of travel for a number of reasons. Many packages include meals, onboard performances, childcare and more, meaning value for money and little fear of blowing the budget. Cruising is fun for every age group whether they’re a sun-seeker, adventurer or spa-lover, and travelling from port to port is a breeze.

Yes, there’s a lot to love about cruising, but in order to ensure it’s smooth sailing, you must first ensure you pack right.

What you pack - be it for your first or fifth cruise - will depend on your length of stay at sea. The corner of the world you are visiting and your personal interests will matter too.

Packing for a cruise
You’ll want to have all your essentials on hand; pack a small hand luggage bag with things you will need for the first few hours aboard. Some cruise ships will take your bags for security checks, meaning your main luggage might not be delivered to your room until a few hours in. Having essential items handy to you at all times - including your passport, birth certificate and seasickness tablets - is important.

Better yet, this small bag will also assist you on days when you’re off the ship, so aim for a backpack rather than a small suitcase.

Seasickness medication
You might have been on a cruise before and travelled happily, but it’s always a good idea to pack some seasickness tablets. The motion on the ocean doesn’t affect everyone, but nor is it selective in when or where it strikes. Your safest bet is to have tablets handy wherever you go or at the very least a seasickness armband. If you’re worried about seasickness, talk to the team at Cruiseabout and score some handy tips on how to best avoid it.

While most cruises will happily provide you with beach towels, you will need to remember your swimwear if you plan on swimming in the pool or beaches when on shore. You may also like to pack a sarong and thongs for walking to the bar or back to your room. Pop your head into Go Girl Collections, your one-stop shop for everything resort wear. The store offers a stylish array of tops, dresses, skirts, kaftans, pants and jumpsuits; all in a variety of colours, patterns and styles. And don’t forget the sunscreen and hat!

Light layers
Not every day of your cruise will be spent by the pool, so make sure you pack more than just your swimwear for the daytime. A mix of onboard and onshore fun, cruises require variety when it comes to clothing. A steady bet would be to pack walking shorts, jeans, casual skirts, T-shirts and sundresses. Also remember to throw in a few warm layers to manage any chills coming off the water.

Cruises have relaxed a lot these days, but it’s still nice to dress a little bit fancier than you normally would when celebrating the evenings on board. Cruise ships generally assign daily dress codes, from casual and informal to resort formal. Formal doesn’t mean ball gowns and tux’s, but it does mean you should dress as you would if you were going for dinner in a nice restaurant.    

Cruise ships always have something interesting to watch or participate in, but you still want to bring something to keep you busy on travelling days. A book, a magazine or puzzle will work, or you may prefer to view cruising life through a pair of binoculars - particularly important if you find yourself in Alaska. If travelling with the kids, consider packing a board game, deck of cards and small inflatable toys for the beach or pool.

All cruises will provide you with the basics like shampoo and conditioner, so unless you’re fussy, save yourself some packing space and leave this stuff at home. Instead, add some aloe vera to your toiletry bag for those days you’re a little overzealous with the sun worshipping and some medication in case a killer headache or migraine strikes. Also pack some wrinkle release spray - safety comes first onboard, and without an iron, this will help you look picture perfect.

Appropriate footwear
For walking around the ship, you can’t go wrong with a comfy pair of thongs that offer some grip. Remember though that there will be onboard activities you may want to partake in like rock climbing. Pack your sneakers, a pair of heels or a nice pair of shoes for the evenings, and some anti-slip, closed-toe shoes for active shore excursions.

Portable charger
Cameras, smartphones and iPads aren’t much use if they’re not charged. Make sure you bring chargers for all devices you bring on board, ideally portable so you can charge on the go. Pick one up from Big-W before you go! While you’re at it, bring your camera connection lead so you can upload your photos to make all your friends jealous of your travels.  

Experienced cruisers often find that storage can be limited in certain cabin quarters. With this in mind, you might like to consider bringing extra hangers, over-the-door shoe bags, or a foldable hamper for dirty washing.

Ready to set sail
When booking a cruise it’s easy to get carried away with your packing. But think ahead, pack smartly, and avoid making unnecessary packing mishaps. With the right stuff in your suitcase, there’s nothing standing in the way of you and your most exciting holiday yet. If you haven’t yet booked your cruise and you’re dreaming of your hassle-free holiday, call into Cruiseabout today and speak to the team about which cruise package is right for you
25 / 07 / 2017