Secret Santa Ideas
Secret Santa Ideas
There’s no rule saying you have to give your boss, manager or even colleague a Christmas present. A workplace secret santa can be a fun way to make the office embrace the holiday spirit and a good opportunity to show a wonderful boss or coworker your appreciation. If you’re buying a gift for your boss, you’ll be glad to know it’s possible to do so without breaching office etiquette. If you follow these guidelines and choose an appropriate gift you’ll ensure your gesture is seen in the right light.

Tips for buying a Christmas present for your boss

Buying a Christmas present for your boss can be tricky. Consider organising a group gift with your colleagues. Group gifts take the focus off you and gives other team members to contribute to showing appreciation for your boss.

Keeping your gift simple, sincere, and practical is also a good idea, since your boss won’t feel like they need to give something in return. Avoid giving cash as a gift, and don’t brag to colleagues about giving an expensive gift to your boss.

Appropriate Christmas gift ideas

1. Decorations for the office
A decoration for the office is a suitable Christmas gift idea as these gifts are work related. A small pot plant, terrarium, vase, or inexpensive art print shows your boss you appreciate their leadership without getting too personal. Sand art, miniature rock gardens, and desktop clocks make attractive office accessories.

2. Office accessories
Like decorations for the office, office accessories are work related and relatively impersonal. Practical items like bookends, desktop organisers, calendars, a pinboard for notes, and stationery are appropriate ways to say thank-you while getting into the festive gifting spirit.

You can pick up a range of office accessories, ranging from calendars and photo frames to mugs, at Pialba Place’s The Lucky Charm. Think about what your boss might appreciate in terms of accessories for their office and choose something inexpensive and useful.

3. Gift baskets
A gift basket of goodies makes a thoughtful gift, especially if your boss enjoys fine food or pampering. Consider your boss’s interests when choosing a gift basket. If he or she has a sweet tooth, pair fine chocolates with wine for your hamper. If he or she enjoys a session of pampering, pick a personal care hamper filled with bath bombs, essential oils, and skin lotions.

For foods, fill a basket with gourmet items like quality olive oil, nuts, cheeses, coffee, and fine wines. If your boss loves tea, put together a tea set hamper with your colleagues.

4. Retail gift card
If your boss has a favourite local café, why not purchase a gift card for all the takeaway coffees he or she loves? You can complement your gift card with a reusable coffee mug. Gift cards are simple and enjoyable gifts to receive. Other gift ideas include retail gift cards or online gift cards for apps, ebooks, music, and movies.

If your boss deserves some pampering or loves a nail pampering session, a great way to show your appreciation is with a gift card for a local nail salon. Pialba Place’s Neonails offers a range of deluxe treatments from manicures to spa pedicures and eyebrow threading.

5. Arts and crafts items
Arts and crafts accessories are useful and practical while giving the recipient a sense of artisanal quality. Ideas include handmade jewellery, shawls and scarves, greeting cards, and pottery and crockery. You can choose a stylish hat or bag, and Pialba Place’s The Gift Bag Collective has an extensive range of arts and crafts items to choose from.

6. Mobile recharge power bank
A mobile power bank makes it easy for your boss to recharge on the go, and it’s an inexpensive, practical gift idea that’s perfect for office gifting. Finding your phone’s out of battery life is a common occurrence for anyone, so your boss will probably love this gift idea. Make sure the power bank you choose is compatible with your boss’s phone before you buy.

7. Time-out and relaxation gifts
A massage gift card or a day at the spa can make an excellent gift for stressed-out bosses. Your boss will enjoy the time out, and the Christmas break will give them time to enjoy your thoughtful gift. For other ideas, consider scented candles, aromatherapy diffusers, or foot bath/massage kits. Other ideas include eye massagers, handheld body massagers, and neck and shoulder massages, which your boss can use in the office.

Choosing the right Christmas present

Choosing a Christmas gift for your boss is not as challenging as it looks. Try to give as a group, and choose a simple, practical gift. Remember to consider your boss’s interests to find a gift aligned to his or her interests and you won’t go wrong.

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27 / 10 / 2017