Christmas on The Coast
Christmas on The Coast
A holiday party with your loved ones and besties is the perfect chance to get away and celebrate the Christmas holiday period in style. As with any holiday, you’ll want to set out an itinerary, but you’ll also want to plan the Christmas party elements in detail so you can have a memorable and stress-free day. To help you get started, we’ve compiled these tips for a Christmas celebration away on the Fraser Coast.

1. Choose a family-friendly location

If you’ve chosen the Fraser Coast for your Christmas holiday party, you’ve found a family-friend location with plenty of things to do and see. Whether it’s whale watching, exploring World Heritage sites, or relaxing at a resort, you’re close to both nature and city conveniences, making it easy to keep everyone, especially the kids, interested and entertained.  

2. Set up your accommodation

Whether you’re staying in serviced apartments, a resort, or a luxury hotel, your accommodation will be the base for your holiday party. Work with your space, small or large, and create a cozy, festive site for your Christmas party.
  • Decorations – Use wreaths, tinsel, stockings, Christmas balls and figurines, and other favourite decorations to make your room look festive.
  • Lights – Pick up some colourful string lights at a local shopping centre and hang them from the curtains to brighten up the room.
  • Tree – Since you’re celebrating away from home, you’ll probably want to opt for a smaller tree if you have a tree at all. Even a small Christmas tree can add to the festivities and encourage the kids to feel the magic of Christmastime.
  • Music – Fill your phone with your Christmas favourites or create an online playlist to help you set the right mood during your Christmas Eve party.

3. Plan your Christmas Eve

Set out your schedule and make sure you make time together for Christmas Eve. Before dinner, explore local activities that will appeal to the kids and/or any friends you’re celebrating with. Theatre, ballet, and concerts are wonderful activity ideas. On the Fraser Coast, you can attend the annual Christmas Carol event, Fraser Coast Carols in the Park. Kids will love the Apex Santa Fair before the Carols start in the evening.
If you’re eating out, remember to book your restaurant ahead of time. If you’re putting together your own Christmas dinner and celebrating back in the hotel, keep everyone entertained by arranging games and activities.
  • Activities and games – Card games, DVDs, Christmas games, and drinking games for the adults are fun ideas for keeping everyone entertained during a Christmas Eve in.
  • Dinner, snacks, and drinks – Offer takeaway appetisers and finger foods like cheese and crackers as these are easy to put together even when you’re away from home. For Christmas Eve dinner, you can put together a buffet of cold meats, roast chicken, and takeaway sides like roasted vegetables. Provide wine, cocktail, and fizzy drinks and juice to complement your meal.
  • Dessert – For something different from the traditional Christmas pudding, finish off your meal with a festive cake to welcome Christmas Day. Pialba Place’s Cake Bake Brew offers delicious cakes baked from scratch sure to appeal to both kids and grown-ups.

4. Celebrate Christmas day in style

Continue your holiday party the next day with opening of presents and a full day out sightseeing and touring the Fraser Coast.
  • Four-wheel drive tour of Fraser Island – Take a four-wheel-driving tour of Fraser Island and catch must-see such as Central Station, a former logging station; Wanggoolba Creek boardwalk, and Lake McKenzie.
  • Ocean and river cruise – Take in the spectacular water views with an ocean and/or river cruise. Cruiseabout, located in Pialba Place, can assist you with a range of river and ocean cruises to suit you and your family’s needs.
  • Historic sites – Historic sites and museums to check out include the Mary Ann Steam Locomotive, Elizabeth Park Rose Gardens, Maryborough City Hall, and the Hervey Bay Historical Village and Museum. Also popular are the Maryborough Military and Colonial Museum, Bond Store Museum, and Gympie Gold Mining and Historical Museum.
  • Wildlife and nature – Kids and adults will love getting close to nature at attractions like the Barnacles Dolphin Centre, Fraser Coast Wildlife Sanctuary, and Inskip Peninsula Recreation Area. Take a refreshing hike through famous local national parks such as Nangur National Park, Pipeclay National Park, and Gympie National Park.

Party on the Fraser Coast

If you’re looking for a novel way to celebrate Christmas this year, you could do a lot worse than celebrating on the Fraser Coast. Hervey Bay is close to city amenities, water attractions, and nature and wildlife, making it an ideal place to welcome Christmas. With a little planning, you can recreate the magic of Christmas away from home for the kids and your friends.
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27 / 10 / 2017