Dress Styles for Bridesmaids
Dress Styles for Bridesmaids

Everyone’s body is different. This means that all your bridesmaids are going to be unique and finding a style to suit them all can be exceptionally challenging.

It can be a minefield trying to find the right style, shape and colour for your girls. But no matter how big or small your bridal party is, there’s always a way to make it work.

Here are some handy tips on finding the best style to suit every bridesmaid.

Narrow down the search

First, do your research. Have a look online so you can understand the different styles that are out there. You also need to make some decisions before hitting the ground running. What length would you prefer and do you want all the girls wearing the same length, or can some be in full gowns and some in cocktail dresses? Do you want all the girls in the same colour or shades of the same colour? Do you want their dresses to be identical, completely different or different takes on the same dress? For example, if you choose a dress, can they have different necklines?

Understand which style suits each body shape

Every woman has a different body shape and let’s face it, everyone has something they want to accentuate and a feature that they’re not so comfortable with. Typically, body types are classified into four main categories by stylists:

  • Straight body type – look for dresses with a defined waist.

  • Apple body type – empire cut and wrap dresses are an excellent option.

  • Pear body type – wrap dresses like the apples or a transparent neckline look best on pears.

  • Hourglass body type – try to find a tight body-hugging dress with v-neck or sweetheart necklines.

Of course, there are a whole lot of other body types out there and many women who don’t fit into any ‘category’ but it’s helpful to understand the main ones. By choosing a style that suits your bridesmaid’s body shape, they’ll feel more comfortable and confident which means they’ll look happy and relaxed in your wedding photos.  

Look for design features rather than designs

There are ways to have the same dress just with subtle differences so everyone feels comfortable. Perhaps the biggest issue with women seems to be bust size; giving your girls some freedom when it comes to the neckline of the dress will help this. For example, for bigger bust sizes, v-necks work well, whereas for smaller busts, halter necklines are excellent.

In terms of design features that suit all bodies, look for vertical panels, ruching (especially at the waist) and slits to the knee. Additionally, low-high hemlines seem to suit everyone, as long as you get the balance between the low and the high correct.

Another design feature that works is a dress that is all one colour. Look for dresses in a block colour and matte fabric; this will work best for everyone. And if you think that may be too boring, consider finding a dress with lace, flower detailing or add some bling accessories to bring some character.

Ignore the matchy-matchy trend

It’s actually on-trend at the moment not to have your bridesmaids in a matching dress. If you decide to go this route, all your girls will be in something that flatters their figure and they are comfortable in. However, we know some brides still want their bridesmaids to look like they’re in the bridal party, not just the average guest. If they’re all in the same colour, this will ensure they stand out. You can also consider sticking to one designer or one label so they still look similar but the dress is personalised. You can also give your girls the opportunity to wear the dress of their choice, with matching shoes or accessories so there is still a matching element.

If you want to go completely different, chose a colour shade, rather than a colour. For example ‘neutrals’. This gives the girls the opportunity to find a dress in beige, blush or cream, whichever colour suits their skin tone best.   

Consider separates

Who said bridesmaids need to wear dresses? A skirt and top may be your best bet if you have varying body shapes. This also helps with finding the perfect fit for each individual girl. As most people will attest to, it’s very rare that a woman is the same size for tops and skirts, so the dress you want may not even fit properly. By choosing the separates route, you’re ensuring that each bridesmaid is wearing an outfit that actually fits them properly and will require minimal alterations before the big event. And at the end of the day, fit is actually the most important and flattering element for any ensemble.

When all else fails, go maxi

If you have an array of body shapes and sizes and really want them in matching dresses, go for a maxi with a simple neckline, like the sweetheart. Just remember to ensure the girls get the right size, as going too big can make a maxi dress look frumpy, and check that the hem goes to the floor when their shoes are on, not when they’re barefoot.

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